11 Regencies / Cities in East Java Still in the Red Zone Covid-19

27 regions in East Java have changed to the orange and yellow zones.

Governor of East Java, Khofifah Indar Parawansa, said that 27 regencies and cities in East Java have been changed to become zones of yellow and yellow related to the development of the handling of Caovid-19. So that there are currently 11 regions classified as red zones.”This zoning is in accordance with indicators from the Central Task Force based on high, medium and low risk and unaffected areas,” Khofifah said, quoted Khofifah explained, in accordance with the 10 indicators established by the Central Task Force and BNPB,

Risk of an increase in the Covid-19 case was divided into four zonations. The four are red zone (high risk), orange zone (medium risk), yellow zone (low risk) and green zone (not affected).The 11 regencies and cities are Surabaya, Sidoarjo, Gresik, Pamekasan, Jombang, Malang, Sidoarjo, Situbondo, Bojonegoro, Pasuruan, Tuban, Lamongan, Mojokerto City, Batu City, Kediri and Mojokerto.

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27 Zoning Area Changes

While 27 regions changed zones. In detail, 22 areas fall into the orenga zone or are at moderate risk and 5 others enter the yellow or low risk zone.22 districts and cities with orange zone or medium risk status, namely Sampang, Probolinggo City, Bondowoso, Madiun, Blitar, Jember, Probolinggo, Nganjuk, Bangkalan, Sumenep, Tulungagung, Banyuwangi, Magetan, Ngawi, Kediri City, Malang City, Pacitan, Madiun City .Whereas five regencies and cities are included in the yellow zone namely Trenggalek, Pasuruan City, Ponorogo, Lumajang, and Blitar City.

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Tend to be Controlled

Over the past two weeks the East Java region has experienced a decrease in the positive confirmation case of Covid-19. The number of patients on surveillance (ODP), people on monitoring (ODP), and mortality rates are still controlled. Meanwhile, the recovery rate in East Java was monitored to continue to increase.”The capacity of referral hospitals in several regions in East Java is relatively sufficient even in some areas such as Magetan, Madiun and Ngawi, the number of beds available is still more. But conversely there are some regions such as Surabaya and Sidoarjo, the number of beds is still insufficient,” said Khofifah.

11 Regencies
11 Regencies / Cities in East Java Still in the Red Zone Covid-19

“God willing, in the next week if discipline increases, the curve in East Java can be even more sloping and even decrease and all regencies / cities in East Java can immediately enter the new normal life order,” he added.Khofifah reminded Covid zoning not to make the public careless so as to reduce the level of vigilance. If that happens, continued Khofifah, it is not impossible that a second wave of Covid-19 transmission will occur.”Stay alert, be disciplined, keep your distance, wear a mask, wash your hands with soap, and apply a clean and healthy lifestyle. Adhere to health protocols for the common good,” he said.

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Three Regions in East Java Are Free of Corona Positive Patients

East Java Province has three regions with Covid-19 green zone status. The three areas reportedly only have a number of people under surveillance (ODP) and no one has been confirmed positive for corona virus exposure.The three sterile areas are Sampang Madura Regency which has 242 ODP, Sumenep Madura Regency (110 ODP), and Pasuruan City (47 ODP).The Chair of the Curative Cluster Task Force, Joni Wahyuhadi, said there were several possibilities that the area had not yet been infected with SARS-CoV-2.

One possibility is that the corona virus does not originate from regions or in Indonesia.”So, there are a number of possibilities, including good care, so that no positive people enter the area. Or if there are positive ones, they are well isolated. So, the point of the disease is from abroad,” Joni said in the Grahadi State Building in Surabaya, Wednesday, April 8, 2020, quoted .

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Is it well isolated?

oni said, the second possibility, namely, the three regions are doing well. Thus, the potential for the spread of corona virus in the area can be suppressed.”It could be that even if there are those who have symptoms, they are well isolated, so there will be no positive ones,” he said.While the yellow zone in East Java is Bangkalan 3 PDP and 379 ODP. Pasuruan Regency 27 PDP and 31 ODP. Mojokerto Regency 34 PDP and 194 ODP. Mojokerto City 6 PDP and 177 ODP.Then, there are Tuban PDP 9 and ODP 422. Bojonegoro has PDP 1 and ODP 105. Pacitan has 5 PDP and 411 ODP. Ngawi there are 7 PDP and 205 ODP, Probolinggo District has 10 PDP and 265 ODP. Probolinggo City has 2 PDPs and 175 ODP and Madiun City has 8 PDPs and 42 ODPs.

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