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Adorable Polah Fahad, Son of Syekh Ali Jaber speaks Arabic fluently

Adorable Polah Fahad, Son of Syekh Ali Jaber speaks Arabic fluently

As a child born in Indonesia, Fahad used Arabic words which were indeed the language of his mother when he was at home.

The preacher of Syekh Ali Jaber has become a concern as well as arousing sympathy after being a stabbed victim while preaching in Lampung. Since the stabbing case, the personal life of this preacher from Medina has been in the spotlight, including his family. Apart from his figure who is known as a polite scholar in preaching, the son of Sheikh Ali Jaber, Fahad Ali Jaber, is now a public concern.

Fahad’s level is adorable plus his ability to speak Arabic which is his native language. Fahad’s behavior was recorded in one of the videos that aired on Irfan Hakim’s YouTube channel. Although it has been uploaded since May, when the stabbing case surfaced, the video was immediately flooded with Youtube viewers Irfan Hakim.

Good at speaking Arabic

In the video, Irfan Hakim appears to be proficient in speaking Arabic. Not surprisingly, apart from being a preacher, his father was a resident of Medina before becoming an Indonesian citizen. Sheikh Ali Jaber also made it a habit to speak Arabic when talking with his family at home.

Fear of dolls

The boy with curly hair who is good at speaking Arabic is in fact afraid of dolls. He didn’t even want to get close when Irfan was talking as the doll he was holding. Fahad Ali Jaber was even shocked and repeatedly tried to stay away from the doll.

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It turns out that Sheikh Ali Jaber has a ‘twin’, no less handsome and charismatic

The case of the stabbing of Sheikh Ali Jaber on September 13, 2020, is still a hot topic of conversation. This case is in the spotlight because Syekh Ali Jaber is not an arbitrary scholar, but a well-known scholar in Indonesia. Sheikh Ali Jaber was the first of twelve children. Since childhood, Sheikh Ali Jaber has been devoted to reading the Koran. It was his father who initially motivated Sheikh Ali Jaber to study the Koran.

In educating religion, especially the Koran and prayers, his father was very strict, even he did not hesitate to beat him when little Sheikh Ali Jaber did not pray. Sheikh Ali Jaber’s family is known as a religious family. As the first child, Sheikh Ali Jaber was required to continue his father’s struggle in the spread of Islam. However, it turned out that Sheikh Ali Jaber was not the only successful preacher in his family. Sheikh Ali Jaber has a younger brother who is very similar to him, and they are often called twins.

His name is Syekh Muhammad Jaber. Shaykh Muhammad Jaber actually followed in his brother’s footsteps to become a preacher. Intrigued by the portrait of Muhammad Jaber, Sheikh Ali Jaber’s younger brother? Launching from the Instagram account @syekh_muhammad_jaber and his figure.

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Adorable Polah Fahad
Adorable Polah Fahad, Son of Syekh Ali Jaber speaks Arabic fluently

Like Twins

As a pair of brothers and sisters, Sheikh Ali Jaber and Sheikh Muhammad Jaber have the same facial features. In fact, not infrequently the public thinks that the two of them are twins. However, those who follow their journey can certainly distinguish more carefully the differences between the two. Through his Instagram account, Sheikh Muhammad Jaber once uploaded a photo of himself juxtaposed with Sheikh Ali Jaber.

Come on, guess, is this the same person or different? One person or two huh? (Emoticon thinking) Write the comment, who’s on the right who’s on the left?” he wrote in a photo caption which was immediately flooded with comments from the wider community.

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The preacher is like the older brother

Syekh Muhammad Jaber also has the same profession as his brother. Shaykh Muhammad Jaber followed in his brother’s footsteps to become a preacher. The owner of the real name Muhammad Saleh Jaber preached from one island to another. The goal of course is to spread Islam and its goodness in the regions. In addition, it also expands Islamic preaching in Indonesia.

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