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Clean 5 Years Empty Room, Owner Finds Skeleton Brother

Clean 5 Years Empty Room, Owner Finds Skeleton Brother

Previously her brother was declared missing five years ago.

Skeleton of a man who went missing five years ago has been found by his sister, while cleaning the house they shared in. Previously, Sumio Suenaga was 66 years old when she suddenly disappeared from her home in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, in 2015. At that time he lived in the same house with his younger brother and sister in the city of Kasugai. But the siblings didn’t report the loss until the following year.

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Last weekend, Sumio’s younger sister, now 69, decided to use her older brother’s room. Previously he had to clean the room first. But how surprised he was when he entered the room. The woman was greeted with a truly terrifying sight. In the room that had been untouched for more than five years, he found a skeleton without a single cloth attached.

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Japanese news site Sora News 24 reported the woman called the police, saying that she found something that was suspected to be a human bone. When the police officers arrived, they confirmed that the bones were indeed human. The body may have been dead for several years. Although police officers have not been able to determine his age or gender, investigators believe there is a strong possibility that the bones belonged to Sumio.

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Clean 5 Years Empty Room
Clean 5 Years Empty Room, Owner Finds Skeleton Brother

Until now, investigators at the police are still able to determine the cause of the death of Sumio’s alleged body.

In a video that went viral on social media, it shows that Sumio’s house is not very big. So it is quite strange if the two siblings did not realize that for the past 5 years they lived with Sumio’s body. Even stranger, when Sumio’s brothers first reported to the police, they said the man had not been home in over a year.

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This implied that they did indeed see Sumio leaving the house, or at least knew she had left the house. But considering their age, there was a chance that both of them had become senile and just assumed that if they didn’t see Sumio around, it meant that she was outside the house. According to a report by Sora News 24 , the bones suspected of being Sumio were found on August 15 at 4:45 p.m. local time.

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