DKI Jakarta Dispora Office closes 4 days after 1 positive employee of Covid-19

DKI Jakarta Dispora Office is sterilized.

One employee at the DKI Jakarta Youth and Sports Agency has tested positive. As a result, the Dispora office was temporarily closed for four days for sterilization. “Yes, there is one employee who has a positive swab. From August 19-22, Dispora was closed and today the office is disinfecting and sterilizing by the DKI Jakarta Damkar Service,” said Head of DKI Jakarta Dispora, Achmad Firdaus, quoted from

Previously, the temporary closure was carried out on the 7th floor of the DKI Jakarta City Hall Blok G Building. The trigger was that a number of employees were declared reactive after the rapid test.

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Regional Secretary of DKI Jakarta, Saefullah, said that the 7th floor of the Blok G Building was closed until Monday, August 10, 2020. Not the entire building because it is a community service center. “The 7th floor is closed for all today, but on Monday, not all of them can be entered, because this is a service. But we have 50 percent of employees (who work in the office),” said Saefullah.

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DKI Jakarta Dispora
DKI Jakarta Dispora Office closes 4 days after 1 positive employee of Covid-19

Deputy Mayor of Payakambuh is Positive for Covid-19, All Civil Servants at City Hall Swab Test

Deputy Mayor of Payakumbuh Erwin Yunaz, has been confirmed positive for contracting the Covid-19 virus. Head of the Payakumbuh City Health Service Bakhrizal, Wednesday, August 19, 2020, confirmed that all employees at the Payakumbuh City Hall office will take a swab test to detect possible spread. “Yes, today there are three additional positive cases of Covid-19 in Payakumbuh. We are currently tracking this,” he said.

Other residents who were confirmed positive today are a public high school teacher in Payakumbuh with the initials K (59) and a food seller at the Payakumbuh Hospital canteen with the initials ES (63) Furthermore, patient ZR (56) is the family of patient Z (61). After that ADY (38).

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Teachers Detected Before Having Face-to-Face Learning

One of the positive teachers was obtained from a mass swab test conducted in Payakumbuh prior to face-to-face implementation. He said his party indeed requires all teachers in Payakumbuh, including teachers at Senior High School (SMA), which is the province’s authority to carry out a swab test. “This is a form of protection, of course we want to provide a sense of comfort for parents when sending their children back to school,” he said.

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With the increasing number of positive cases of Covid-19 in Payakumbuh, Bakhrizal asked all people to adhere to health protocols. “We remind you that Covid-19 has not yet ended, so stick to health protocols, don’t be careless,” he said

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