Ever Exploring the Sky, the N-250 Plane is Now Museumized

N-250 Gatotkaca will occupy the Central Museum of the Indonesian Air Force, Dirgantara Mandala.

Gatotkaca N-250 aircraft once boasted Indonesia. This original domestically made aircraft had flown to explore the Indonesian sky. Not only that, this aircraft also caused a commotion in the aviation world. When launched in 1995, this aircraft had the most advanced aviation technology of its time.

Unfortunately, the grandeur of the story has now dimmed. Gatotkaca N-250 is now no longer on the air and is one of the occupants of the Mandala Air Force Central Museum in Yogyakarta. The TNI AU’s official Instagram account, @ military.udara, uploaded several photos of the packaging of the N-250. The plane was sent from Bandung to Yogyakarta for museums.

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Ever Exploring
Ever Exploring the Sky, the N-250 Plane is Now Museumized

Land Travel

Not by air, but road travel. The aircraft is intact but with the wings not attached. The aircraft is lifted by a crane to be placed on a transport train. Furthermore, the plane will be towed by truck and travel hundreds of kilometers.

The N-250 Gatotkaca is an aircraft produced by PT Dirgantara Indonesia. After flying in 1995, this project of production of this proud aircraft had to be stopped due to the 1997-1998 monetary crisis.

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