Hajj 2020 Abolished, Prospective Pilgrims Start Withdrawing Funds

Withdrawal requests are submitted through the Regency / City Ministry of Religion Office.

Director of the Ministry of Religion’s Internal Hajj Services, Muhajirin Yanis, said there were 58 pilgrims who processed the withdrawal of repayment funds a week after the announcement of the 2020 hajj cancellation on June 2, 2020.”This amount will be processed by us and submitted to the Hajj Financial Management Agency (BPKH) to be followed up in accordance with the flow established,” said Muhajirin.Requests for withdrawal, he said, were received by a number of District / City Ministry of Religion Offices. The application has been submitted to the Directorate General of Hajj and Umrah Ministry of Religion for further submission to BPKH.

After being processed, BPKH will issue a transfer order to the Deposit Recipient Bank to send the funds to the pilgrimage account. Muhajirin said that the whole process would take up to nine days.process from BPS to the pilgrimage account,” Muhajirin said.eanwhile, Kasubdit Hajj Registration Ahmaf Khanif said the 58 worshipers came from 14 provinces. The provinces such as North Sumatra were 6 worshipers, Riau 6 worshipers, Bengkulu 2 worshipers, Lampung 2 worshipers, DKI Jakarta 1 worshipers, West Java 4 worshipers, Central Java 6 worshipers, DI Yogyakarta 5 worshipers, DI Yogyakarta 5 worshipers, East Java 15 worshipers, NTB 1 worshipers, Central Kalimantan 2 worshipers, North Sulawesi 1 congregation, Southeast Sulawesi 1 congregation, and Riau Islands 6 congregation

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Minister of Religion Promises Hajj Settlement Funds Are Returned Not later than 9 Days

Minister of Religion, Fachrul Razi, ensures that the 2020 hajj repayment funds are returned to pilgrims who request withdrawal. He assured the administration of withdrawal of funds will not experience interference.”Don’t be in the slightest doubt because the pilgrims’ funds will never be disrupted, they will be managed by the BPKH (Hajj Financial Management Agency),” Fachrul said, quoted¬†Fachrul said that his party was preparing a repayment scheme.He ensured pilgrims could receive the funds no later than nine days after the request was submitted.”Those who will take the repayment funds can be taken, and we have made a scheme. The withdrawal of the funds, God willing, will be completed within 9 days, so there will not be any losses on the funds,” he said.

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Hajj 2020
Hajj 2020 Abolished, Prospective Pilgrims Start Withdrawing Funds

If Funds Are Not Re-Requested

Fachrul also explained that pilgrims had another option, namely not withdrawing the repayment fund. If a congregation chooses this option, the funds will be managed separately by BPKH with the value of the benefits returned to the congregation.”The benefits are returned to each congregation, no later than 30 days before leaving next year. So, everything is safe, no need to worry in the slightest,” said Fachrul.Furthermore, Fachrul asked the public not to be eaten by hoaxes who said the pilgrimage funds were used for other things.”If there is a hoax that says what funds will be used do not be trusted, because the funds are stored in BPKH. The Ministry of Religion does not trade the money at all,” said Fachrul. (mut)

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This is the Hajj Fee Deposit Return Procedure 2020

Ministry of Religion has decided to cancel the implementation of the Hajj 1441 H / 2020 M. The Ministry of Religion will also return the Hajj Travel Cost deposit (Bipih) for pilgrims who submit requests for withdrawal of funds.The Director of Domestic Hajj Services, Muhajirin Yanis, said pilgrims who had paid off could submit a request for a refund. Based on data from the Integrated Hajj Information and Computerized System (Siskohat), there are 198,765 regular pilgrims who have paid Bipih.

“Pilgrims who cancel leaving this year, can submit applications for the repayment of the settlement payment,” Muhajirin said through a written statement, Wednesday, June 3, 2020.Muhajirin said the request to return the Bipih deposit would not remove the right of the pilgrims. Pilgrims who cancel their pilgrimage and withdraw funds for paying the hajj fare are still on the list for the haj season 1442 H / 2021 AD”Even though the payment is made, the congregation does not lose its status as a prospective pilgrim who will depart in 1442 AH / 2021 AD,” Muhajirin said.

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Submission Requirements

Muhajirin then explained the procedure for returning Bipih deposits. Congregation submits a request for returning the deposit of Bipih in writing to the Head of the Ministry of Religion in the Regency / City where the Hajj registers by including:1. Original proof of Bipih paid deposit issued by the Deposit Recipient Bank (BPS),2. Photocopy of an active savings book in the name of the Hajj Congregation and show the original,3. Photocopy of KTP and show the original,4. Telephone number that can be contacted.Requests for pilgrims will be verified and validated by the pilgrims

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