‘Many Doctors Died, Why Do Others Still Believe the Covid-19 Danger?’

Doctor Deny was treated intensively in Surabaya.

East Java Covid-19 Task Force for the Acceleration of Confectionary Foods expressed condolences over the death of a doctor in Sampang District, Madura. The doctor named Deny Dwi Yuniarto died on Monday, June 15, 2020 at 03.00 WIB at Airlangga University Hospital due to being positively infected by Covid-19.”My friend in Sampang, indeed I did not check and confirm it myself, but I was contacted by his family that died because of positive Covid-19,” said Chairman of the Curative Cluster Task Force for the East Java Covid Acceleration and Handling Task Force, Joni Wahyuhadi, quoted.

When in treatment, Deny showed clinical symptoms such as Covid-19. After a swab test, the results were positive.Joni said the wife of the late Deny was currently also being treated at RSUA. He hopes that women who also work as medical personnel can recover soon.”Please pray for all, because the wife of the deceased is now sick. Some time ago a family member died because of Covid-19,” Joni said.

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Don’t underestimate Covid-19

Joni then reminded the public not to consider Covid-19 to be non-existent. There is already plenty of evidence of casualties affected by good health leading to death from the corona virus.”That’s why there are still people who believe that Covid-19 does not exist. Indeed we do not see directly with the naked eye, but the effect is clearly very visible and dangerous,” he said.

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Positive Covid-19, Doctor in Sampang Died

A doctor with the initial D, 34 years old, from Kedungdung Subdistrict, Sampang Regency, East Java, died with a positive status of Covid-19.D followed his two parents who had died a few days earlier but were still in Patient Under Supervision (PDP) status.The head of the Kedungdung Health Center, Zahruddin, explained that one family died in a row. Starting with the death of the father with the initials S on June 7, 2020.S is a medical worker who had previously served in the Kedungdung Health Center. S was briefly treated at RSUD Dr. Muhammad Zyn Sampang with PDP status.”After S died, then two days later his new wife (also a PDP),” Zahruddin said, quoted by the Madura newspaper.

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'Many Doctors
‘Many Doctors Died, Why Do Others Still Believe the Covid-19 Danger?’

Died a Week Later

On Sunday morning, June 14, Doctor D also breathed his last but in a positive confirmed status of Covid-19.Doctor D is the son of the deceased S and is known as a medical worker at the Tambelang Health Center.”D is known to have been exposed to Covid-19 after conducting an independent examination with his wife, initial E, 32 years old, in one of the Pamekasan Regency hospitals,” Zahruddin said.According to him, the wife of D is known as a medical worker at the Robatal Health Center, Pamekasan Regency.

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Suspected of contracting parents

Acting Head of the Sampang District Health Office, Agus Mulyadi, confirmed a family of medical personnel was exposed to Covid-19. According to him, the possibility of doctor D being exposed from his parents.Because, doctor D’s house is next to his parents’ house in Kedundung.”D lives in Kedungdung Subdistrict but works in the Tambelang District Health Center,” Agus said.

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Doctor D’s Wife and Child Cared for in Surabaya

While E, who is the wife of doctor D, works at the Robatal Health Center. According to Agus, E was also positively confirmed by Covid-19.“Therefore, D’s wife is currently in the process of being taken to a hospital in Surabaya. Hopefully this will be the latest in Sampang Regency,” he said.Likewise, doctor D’s son who is still 1 year old. The toddler is also treated intensively in a hospital in Surabaya.

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