Prayer of the Bride and Groom When Married in Shawwal

Having a wedding in Shawwal does have its own virtues.

In addition to Eid al-Fitr, Shawwal in Indonesia is synonymous with the number of wedding invitations. This habit is reasonable considering the marriage in Shawwal contains its own virtues and is highly recommended by some jurists or jurists.Opinions of scholars who advocate getting married in Shawwal are based on the history of Imam Muslim from Aisha RA. The history contains the narrative of Aisha who stated that the Prophet Muhammad married her in Shawwal.When married, then two different types of people united in a bond. Both will live a life in the household dipper.Indeed, there is no prayer specifically taught by Rasulullah Muhammad SAW for couples who get married in Shawwal. However, a number of prayers about marriage can be read, one of which is below.

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Married Prayer

Allahumma barik li fi expert, wa barik fiya expert. Allahumarzuqhum minni, warzuqni minhum. Allahummajma ‘bainana ma jama’ta fi khair, wa farriq bainana idza faraqta fi khair.   That is,   “O God bless my life in my family, also bless my family in my life. O God give fortune to my family from me and provide sustenance for me from my family. Yes, God gather us as you have in goodness, also do not separate us except in good separation.”

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Prayer of
Prayer of the Bride and Groom When Married in Shawwal

Prayers Give Thanks for God’s Favor in the Morning

Can not be denied, our lives can not be separated from the favor of Allah SWT. Since I wake up until my eyes are closed, God’s blessings are always with us.Can you imagine what happens in our lives without these favors? Can we live life without pleasure from Him?Every day we are given the ability to move. Given the way to look for fortune. Also given happiness so they can live life in peace and comfort.Of course, with all that we should be grateful. It is also fitting that we convey praise to God for all the favors we have received.

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Praise for God’s Favor

Allahumma ma ashbaha bi min ni’matin fa minka wahdaka la syar? Ka laka, lakal hamdu wa lakas thankful.   That is,    “My Lord, the blessings that accompany me in the morning today are solely from the One, there is no ally for You. For You, all praise and gratitude.”

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Prayer Asks for Directions for Overcoming Severe Difficulties

Difficulties in life, of course, have been and we will probably experience it until the end of our lives. Difficulties sometimes come merely to test us in dealing with it.Because difficulties need to be resolved. So we are required to think of ways to overcome difficulties.However, there are times when the difficulties are so severe. Already tried various ways, still not finished.We have run out of patience in undergoing these difficulties. Already confused with what else can be resolved.In this condition, it is recommended to read this prayer.

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Prayer for Instructions

Wa ma qodlaita lana min qodlain faj’al ‘aqibatahu rasyada.That is,  “(O my Lord) what you have determined for me as destiny, finally make a clue.”

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