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Reprimand DPRD Members Not Wear Masks, Hotel Staff in Cianjur Beaten Even

Reprimand DPRD Members Not Wear Masks, Hotel Staff in Cianjur Beaten Even

Even though the hotel employee had offered to bring the mask of the DPRD member.

Hotel employee in Cianjur, West Java, GE, became a victim of a beating by a guest who did not receive reprimand for not wearing a mask.The incident occurred on Tuesday, June 16, 2020, at the Le Eminence Hotel. Precisely in the lobby area of ​​the restaurant entrance.Initially, GE who served in the restaurant rebuked a guest who would enter the restaurant on the 15th floor of the hotel. The guest did not adhere to the Covid-19 health protocol by not wearing a mask.”Because it has become a rule, where guests must use masks in the hotel environment, according to health protocols in the middle of a pandemic, so be told to use masks,” said GE, quoted from Cianjur Today.

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Enter the restaurant without a mask

According to GE, the guest claimed the mask was left in the room. GE then offered to get the mask.”But the guest still entered the restaurant without a mask,” GE said.After being served, someone came to the guest. After that, the person concerned came and hit GE.”I was able to avoid but still got hit in the back of the head,” he said.Not only was beaten, GE also had received threats from the guest.

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West Java DPRD Person

Le Eminence Hotel’s Marketing Communication Manager, Rizky Sutrisna, confirmed the incident. According to him, the guest was one of the DPRD members in West Java, but the driver who was beaten was the driver.”I deeply regret the incident, but it is more personal because it threatened and beaten the employees of this hotel,” he said.Rizky said that employees only carry out established health protocols. Moreover, Le Eminence is a hotel designated as a pilot application of health protocols for West Java.The hotel management decided to report the incident to the police.

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Reprimand DPRD Members
Reprimand DPRD Members Not Wear Masks, Hotel Staff in Cianjur Beaten Even

Viral Photo Grave on Narrow Gang Street, Abdel: That’s My Home’s Front!

A photo of a navel becomes viral on social media. The last man’s house was in the spotlight because the location was in the middle of a village alley.The photo of the grave on the road in front of the resident’s house went viral and was shared by the Twitter account @ardibhironx, Saturday, June 13, 2020. Since it was distributed, the piece has received 9.5 thousand retweets and 29.3 thousand likes.”Jakarta is narrow boss,” wrote the account.

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In the beginning

In the photo, two graves are located on the edge of a village road in an area in DKI Jakarta.The tomb looks right in front of the residents’ homes and there are a number of motorcycles that are parked.@Ardibhironx’s upload of the grave on this road was confirmed by the comedian and presenter, Abdel Achria.Through the Twitter account @abdelachrian , it is confirmed that the tomb is located right alongside the road. To his surprise, Abdel said that the tomb was right in front of his house.”It’s in front of my house,” Abdel wrote.

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Abdel Stories of the Origin of the Tomb in the Middle of the RoadNot quite up there, Abdel also told about the origin of the grave in the middle of the road.”My house in Pisangan was once the place of burial of local residents, so there are many graves in front of the house … just in front of my house there are about 10 graves.Abdel’s answer again invited citizens to respond. Especially after learning, Abdel is said to have shared his story about his house in a YouTube video. (Legitimate)

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