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Wisma Makara UI Will Support Covid-19 Patients

Wisma Makara UI Will Support Covid-19 Patients

Wisma Makara UI was chosen because it can accommodate a large number of patients.

Wisma Makara in the campus environment of the University of Indonesia (UI) is planned to be converted into a location for isolation of positive Covid-19 patients in Depok City, West Java. “We propose Wisma Makara UI to be a place for isolation of Covid-19 patients,” said Dadang Wihana, spokesman for the Depok City Covid-19 Task Force, in Depok, Tuesday, September 22, 2020, quoted from

Dadang explained that his party had also explored hotels in the city to be a place for isolation for Covid-19 patients, but no one had yet stated their readiness. “There has been no disclosure of the readiness of the hotel, there is already the readiness of Wisma Makara UI,” he said.

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According to Dadang, the hotel has much to prepare for isolating Covid-19 patients, for example facilities and infrastructure, and health human resources who must be ready too, “he said. Head of the Depok City Health Service, Novarita, said that the plan to isolate Covid-19 patients will be carried out at Wisma Makara in the near future.

Wisma Makara
Wisma Makara UI Will Support Covid-19 Patients

He explained that every patient who is isolated at Wisma Makara UI will get facilities like a three-star hotel. “The isolation room is made proper and meets the patient’s standard needs, so it should be a three-star hotel,” he explained.

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Wisma Makara UI was chosen because it was considered to be able to accommodate quite a large number of patients with a capacity of up to 120 people. To note, the latest data on the spread of Covid-19 in Depok City were confirmed positive as many as 3,439 people, recovered 2,419 people, died 115 people. Meanwhile, there are currently 905 active cases of Covid-19.

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